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Witte Wieven: Follow your fear with VPRO

  • 19 januari 2023

A forest so dark and menacing even the bravest men flee from it. A dense mist hides sinister creatures, lurking. An eerie calling from the woods, trying to lure you in. And a determined woman willing to risk it all to have a child…

Are you scared yet? We can finally tell you, with immense pride, that we are working on an amazing new production called ‘Witte Wieven’! This 50-minute long folk-horror film will tell the story of Frieda, a young woman struggling with apparent infertility, who is judged by her village for her inability to conceive. Perhaps she can find answers in the dark woods at the edge of the community…

The film is part of the Koolhoven Presenteert initiative by Martin Koolhoven and Els Vandevorst and will be aired on the VPRO next year! This initiative offers six upcoming directors the chance to film a new mid-length genre jewel, giving us the honour to work with the incredibly talented Didier Konings for this special project. Writer Marc S. Nollkaemper did a wonderful job constructing the Witte Wieven story; a story that will have you hooked from the start and will only let you go when you are gasping for air (we love an intense story!). We have the honour to co-produce this film with VPRO and are very grateful that this production is financed by VPRO, NPO-fonds and Filmfonds.

For the last months, we have been working very hard preparing for this show-stopping production. Soon we can share even more updates about the cast & crew, show behind the scenes content during filming (starting in February!) and begin to immerse you in the world of the Witte Wieven. Believe us: this film will be unlike anything broadcasted on Dutch television ever before!

Make sure to follow director Didier Konings on Instagram: @Didier_Konings_Art

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