Nora and her son Sil venture deep into the barren and desolate desert lands to find a new home, but when Sil gets infected by a mysterious illness, their relationship starts to crumble.

Details & Storyline
  • A dystopian story about Nora and her son Sil, who venture into the barren and desolate desert lands in order to find a greener, healthier home. But when Sil gets infected by a mysterious illness, Nora’s judgement of their journey threatens to divide mother and son while they wander deeper and deeper into the endless desert.

    This short film, directed by up-and-coming director Thom Lunshof, will be a visual feast for the eye. We had the honour to travel to the desert of Tabernas and the hills of Polopos in the south of Spain to shoot this short film. The film was funded by the Nederlands Filmfonds through a wildcard and the AFK and co-produced with Isabella Films. 

    Directed by: Thom Lunshof

    Screenplay by: Sam Dijkstra

    Cinematography by: Noël Schoolderman

    Main cast: Monic Hendrickx and Nino van Ginkel

    The IMDb page including the ​full cast & crew list will be available soon

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