Exhibit #8

Exhibit #8

When Bosnian-born Aisha and camera man Elias team up to shoot a documentary on the mysterious disappearance of Aisha’s brother, they cross paths with another film crew, who are creating an even more sinister narrative...


Details & Storyline
  • With Exhibit #8, the feature debut of Rotterdam based director Ruben Broekhuis, we give a whole new twist to the found footage genre. In this documentary-style fiction film, the public slowly discovers that they are watching a completely different kind of film than initially thought.

    Directed by: Ruben Broekhuis

    Screenplay by: Sarah Offringa 

    Cinematography by: Thiemo van Dam

    Main cast: Nastaran Razawi Khorasani, Claudio Gabriel Magaña Torres, Mike Reus, & Coen van Vlijmen

    Visit the IMDb page for the ​full cast & crew list:

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