Make Way Film makes film fantastic. We are a go-getting Rotterdam-based film production company specialised in horror, sci-fi and fantasy productions.

Make Way Film

Our films and series embrace the bizarre, the unknown and the mystique. From spine-chilling horror featuring the darkest creatures, to mind-bending sci-fi with unpredictable visions of the future and enchanting fantasy films infused with magical elements: we do them all! We make films that will haunt your mind, in the best way possible.


What makes us special?

We love weird

Doing things a little different is what we do best. We make films that are offbeat, inventive and sometimes just plain weird.

We love people

For every new production we gather the cast & crew of (y)our dreams. Hard-working, talented and most of all enthusiastic people with a dedication to film.

We love high energy

When we love something, we love it HARD. So excuse us while we pour our heart and soul into every production we make and don’t stop until it is sublime.

We love fun

Ofcourse film-making is serious business, but we love to enjoy the process too. So count us in for crew-bonding activities and entertaining movie nights.


Every day we do what makes us happy: making the best fantastic films.

Monique van Kessel
Founder / Producer
Jennifer Eikelenboom
Line producer
Marije Loermans
Production manager
Fauve de Ruiter
Production manager
Fleur Stiels
Marketing & distribution manager
Ziggy Stardust
Chief of Happiness
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Contact details

Make Way Film B.V.
Vlaardingweg 62 (room 4.48)
3044 CK Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6-15829249