Witte Wieven

Witte Wieven

In a medieval Dutch village, a young woman is caught between her faith, fanatic townsfolk and the dark forces lurking in the woods.

Details & Storyline
  • In a small Dutch village in the Dark Ages, Frieda carries the blame for her struggle to conceive a child with her husband. She believes God is her only hope and seeks help from the village priest. But when the local butcher attempts to take advantage of Frieda, chasing her into the forest, he mysteriously disappears. Frieda comes back unscathed, the first to ever return from the unknown dangers outside of the village. The community becomes suspicious that it was not God who brought her back safely but a dark force cloaked in fog beyond the edge of the woods. Frieda becomes suspicious as well, but her doubts begin to form a new faith within her; a faith in the ones that linger in the darkness.

    This folkhorror TV film is part of the Koolhoven Presenteert program by Martin Koolhoven and Els Vandevorst and will be aired on the VPRO early 2024. We had the honour to work with the talented Didier Konings as director of this film and writer Marc S. Nollkaemper did a wonderful job constructing the Witte Wieven story. The film is co-produced with VPRO and financed by VPRONPO-fonds and Filmfonds.

    Directed by: Didier Konings

    Screenplay by: Marc S. Nollkaemper

    Cinematography by: Luuk de Kok

    Main cast: Anneke Sluiters, Len Leo Vincent, Reinout Bussemaker, Leon van Waas & Nola Elvis Kemper

    Visit the IMDb page for the ​full cast & crew list:

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