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Exhibit #8 (feature)

Would you want to know the truth, whatever the cost?

Robin Hood2.jpg

Robin H. (feature)

The first social impact theatre

film of The Netherlands! 


Shiny New World (short & feature)

Do you want to work at Shiny New World – the cleaning company that cleans locations where demons have shaken things up?  


De Openbaring (feature)


After losing his job, Jacob moves in with his mum during the first corona lockdown and slowly goes insane.


Nightingale (short)


The heavily overworked nurse Julia is stalked during her night shift at the nursing home. The tension rises so high that Julia is pushed to the limit. 


Zac, Zap and the DAB (series)

Get ready for the first intergalactic comedy series in the Netherlands.

The Wretched (feature)


The black death is still alive...


MaasMurder (series)

The waters of Rotterdam are at the heart of the exciting horror- thriller series MaasMurder.

Watch Out (short)


Ayman’s visit to his grandfather turns out

differently than expected.


Home Front (short)

When his daughter takes her new boyfriend home, Peter’s wife, who suffers from PTSD, goes crazy.

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