The waters of Rotterdam are at the heart of the exciting thriller series MaasMurder.

Details & Storyline
  • For the thriller series MaasMurder, which takes place on and around the waters of Rotterdam, Make Way Film produced a short teaser, inspired by a Rotterdam urban myth from the eighties. The teaser was created as a proof of concept.

    Directed by: Ruben Broekhuis

    Screenplay by: Ruben Broekhuis

    Cinematography by: Robijn Voshol

    Main cast: Rienus Krul, Thycho Mostert & Suze Broekhuis

    Visit the IMDb page for the ​full cast & crew list:

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    Contact details

    Make Way Film B.V.
    Vlaardingweg 62 (room 4.48)
    3044 CK Rotterdam
    The Netherlands
    +31 (0)6-15829249