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A Deer Caught in the Headlights

A woman'a night turns sinister when she fears the charming stranger she went home with has very different intentions. 

A Deer Caught in the Headlights is a psychological thriller about a lonely woman who decides to spend the night with the charming stranger she met that evening. Unsure about what she wants from him she stops his sexual advances, ultimately revealing dangerously repressed emotions hidden deep underneath his cool, indifferent facade. Jane fears for her life, as things quickly turn black. 


In its core it's a deeply philosophical movie about disconnect, loneliness and misinterpretation leading to disastrous outcomes. A character study about complex characters unable to relate, stuck in their own minds. This film was co-produced with Zeg Maar Films.


Cast: Amélie Onzon & Robbert Bleij


Producer: Make Way Film, Monique van Kessel & Zeg Maar Films, Anil Wagemans
Directors: Anil Wagemans & Idzi Wagemans

Writer: Anil Wagemans & Idzi Wagemans

DoP: Artyom Zakharenko

Line producer: Jennifer Eikelenboom

First AD: King Westinga

Continuity: Bernou van Dijk 

Production designer: Sanne Croonenberg

Set dresser: Sanne Croonenberg

Art assistants: Demi Andriessen, Pamela Berhitoe

Costumes: Daphne Jonas, Maria Marijn

Costumes on set: Laila Fantozzi

1st AC: ​David van der Meijde

2nd AC: Rick Maassen, Ian Heijblom

Gaffer: Denny Schoute

Best boy: Luuk de Kok

Light assistants: Floris Bronkhorst, Robin van Klaveren 

Sound recordist: Tony Streefkerk

Make up artist: Kimberley Nieuwerth

SFX make up supervisor: Rob Hillebrink (Rob's Propshop)

Production assistants: Bjarn Vlasman, Fauve de Ruiter

Set photography: Liam Mcgarry

Caterer: Ingrid Rismanto Putri, Frans Kops

Editor: Anil Wagemans

Composer: Florian van der Reijden

Sound designer: Roel Wildenburg

Color grader: Jelle Helwig

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