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Zac, Zap and the DAB

Get ready for the first intergalactic comedy series in the Netherlands.

Make Way Film has produced the teaser for Zac, Zap and the DAB, the first intergalactic comedy series in the Netherlands. In this youth series, friends Zac and Zap find a Dimension A+ Booster, the DAB, and get lost in parallel dimensions. They can only find their way home when they settle their quarrel and work together to save the world from the evil plans of the DAB. Make Way Film developed a proof of concept pilot episode for the series.

Concept: Venour, Ruben Broekhuis & Make Way Film

Producer: Make Way Film, Monique van Kessel

Cast: Noel Deelen, Uriah Arnhem, Rienus Krul & Nick Golterman

Director & writer: Ruben Broekhuis
DoP: Robijn Voshol
Gaffer: Otto Ligt
Sound recordist: Jeroen Leemans
Art director: Sigrún Gudmundsdóttir
Practical effects artist: Joost Kraan
Costume designer: Hanne Pierrot
Make up artist: Linda Nolzen

Editor: Kees Riphagen

VFX specialist: Joost Kraan

Color grader: Maurice Leentvaar

Componer: Vidjay Beerepoot

Sound designer: Henk-Jelle de Groot

Production assistant: Jennifer Eikelenboom
1st AD: Daphne Aimee
1st AC: Jason Hornung
Best boy: Jeremy Francis
Lighting technician: Friso Tjalma
Lighting technician studio: Raymond van der Bas
Continuity: Susan Schoonwater & Daphne Aimee
Art assistants: Patricio van Gemeren & Geerten Harmens

VFX assistant: Berry de Groot

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