Shiny New World

Do you want to work at Shiny New World – the cleaning company that cleans locations where demons have shaken things up?

At the heart of Shiny New World is the cleaning company of the same name from The Cleaner, which cleans locations where demons have horribly shaken things up. In the form of a stylish instruction film, the viewer is introduced to the main character Barry, whom we follow during his work. What starts as a normal working day, however, gets out of hand quickly and in a bloody way.


Shiny New World smoothly and surprisingly introduces the insane world of The Cleaner, a feature film currently in development. The combination of ink-black humour and horror will make the film an unforgettable wild ride.


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Production companies: Make Way Film & Zuiderlicht Film

Producer: Monique van Kessel

Associate producer: Jan Doense
Director and writer: Jan van Gorkum

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