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Yes! We are starting a new short film project: LEAF

We are so happy to announce the co-production of Isabella Films and Make Way Film on the exciting project LEAF!

Funded by the Nederlands Filmfonds through a wildcard and the AFK, we are so excited to be involved in this ambitious and powerful short. Isabella Films has already been very busy with acquiring the funding and the prep work, whereas we will support this project with pre-production and the shooting in Spain.

LEAF tells the story of Sil and his mum Nora, in a post-apocalyptic world. Searching for a better place to live, Nora takes Sil through the barren and desolate desert of what they used to call home. But when Sil gets infected by a mysterious illness, Nora’s judgement of their journey threatens to divide mother and son while they wander deeper and deeper into the endless desert.

LEAF will be directed by up-and-coming talent Thom Lunshof and strengthened by his equally talented crew, the production will take place the end of January in the spectacular and diverse province of Andalusia.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

(Photo by Elias Strale)

Make Way Film wit.png
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