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Jake is searching for love, or, at least just a fuck buddy. One night, while chatting with various girls, Jake finally seems to connect with a girl named Rose. After sending her picture, Jake is horrified by her appearance and decides to ghost her. Obviously not happy with Jake's rejection, Rose begins to hunt him down. 

Director Jan-Willem de Kraaij has an affinity for magical realism in storytelling and design. His ability to create wholly unique universes with their own cohesive set of aesthetic elements is his defining characteristic as a filmmaker. MEAT ME shows a twisted version of a woman's revenge on playboys like Jake. Written by Jan-Willem de Kraaij & Matthijs Bockting.

Starring: Bram Klappe, Rick Lens, Nikita van der Linden, Didi Brouwers & Arlena Schippers

Full cast & crew list: MEAT ME IMDB


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